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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (4x4) Review

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I bought this vehicle 2.5yrs ago and it has been faultless.No DPF problems as some experienced earlier on so i must have been one of the lucky ones.Had reflashes done on earlier services but these didn't cause any inconvience at all.

Steering alignment was redone at delivery and it steers like my FG xr6 and with perfect even tyre wear.

I tow a 25ft 3.5 t van with a 350kg ball weght with no suspension upgrades and it does it perfectly ,no white knuckle syndrome and outstanding economy compared to others i talk to.Van is total length 31.6 ft .

Speedo is accurate and evic readout extremely accurate as i check it every fill.

Power is 184kw and 570 nms coupled with 8sp box is on it's own and is the quickest out there by far.

Without towing on a long run gentle driving will get the 6.5 lph as advertised IE 1300 kl on a tank.

Radio works beat on long trips.Love the AM stations strength as this drops out easily on a lot of new vehicles.

Ride is exceptionly smooth and quiet and although it is a poverty pack still has features you won.t get on some vehicles double the cost such as 8.4 in uconnect ,.tyre pressure,engine oil and AT temp on the evic as well as heated seats.

I have owned 4wds (all new) for over 45 years and this is the best so far.I had exceptional runs out of my Patrol and R50 Pathfinder but they don't compare as a vehicle to the Jeep power ,economy,braking,and driveability.