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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (4x4) Review

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Purchased my Jeep in 2013, it was ordered to my specification as I wanted to use it off-road. 6 months later it arrived.

It's no Discovery 3 , which I rated as Fantastic, along with probably 75 percent of motoring journalists in the World, but as a package, I love it.

Value for money, on road handling with the air suspension (option on this model), the sweet diesel and solid 5 speed delivers performance and economy, I love that VM diesel motor!

The Uconnect Sat Nav mostly sucks, but the track map feature means you can find your way back when there are no mapped roads.
Off-road it's different, very, very good but quirky, I've never stopped it, but I had to learn to slow down progress when normally in a 4WD you'd want to use momentum. The Jeep doesn't need momentum, it's Quadra-Drive 2 system will get you there and back if it's given time to work it's magic. The air suspension does make a lot of noise on rough ground at the highest setting if not driven a bit slower and the wheel articulation is poor, but its ability to scramble a way forward is remarkable.

Reliability has not been an issue and it has done some rough trips through the Flinders Ranges with another one to come in June.

I'll likely buy another, it's been that good.

As a vehicle that is a true all rounder, a great daily car that can do the business off-road I strongly recommend this car, even the turning circle is great.