Jeep Compass 2013 north (4x2)
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2013 Jeep Compass North (4x2) review

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I've owned my Jeep Compass North CVT 2013 MY14 from new since purchasing it in Cairns (not many Jeeps there by the way, not like here in Brisbane). We drove the Jeep all the way home too. Two drivers, short stops, and it never let us down. The cruise control and CVT helped a lot.

Even though I have only travelled 32,343km, I love my Jeep and I'm saving up for a Jeep Wrangler Limited. Jeep is the 4WD expert, so why would you buy anything else? Others try to copy Jeep, who lead the way over Land Rover and Toyota.

My Jeep is called Jeepster, taken from Mark Bolan's group T. Rex. I'm always playing that song with the windows down, which excites me. Even though I'm 67 years old, you're never too old to drive a Jeep – the best fun on four wheels anywhere.

The only improvement would be a place in the cargo area where I could plug in a kettle so I can have fresh tea, even though it's a Jeep – sorry my American friends. I'm English don't forget and we love our tea. I didn't buy a Land Rover.

And remember, don't hold back – buy a Jeep.

A major upset is there are no automatic GPS updates. Jeep is not alone in this, and perhaps newer SUVs in the future will do this. Also, I'm not very happy with the Italian part ownership making Jeep more car like to appeal to car owners. If you want a car, buy a car, not an SUV or 4WD. After all, Jeep doesn't make cars.

With Jeep, you don't have to compete when you are the leader. Leave that to the others. Copiers will always try to copy because they don't have the savvy in them. Only Captain Jack Sparrow has that savvy. Maybe Jeep should use him in its adverts. A line that just came to mind he could say is, 'Don't hold back, savvy'.

I love talking about my Jeep and going places with the windows down. I'm planning a trip around Australia this year too.

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