Infiniti G37 2013 gt
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2013 Infiniti G37 GT review

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I bought the Infiniti as its second owner, the car having traveled just under 84,000ks. After reading another Owner's Review, Lachlan, on CarAdvice, I had a great insight into handling and driver comfort.

The exterior of the 2013 Infiniti G37 is sleek and curved, while the lip spoiler adds a sporty touch.

The interior is elegant and driver-focused. Foremost is the interface, a crucial area that too many automakers get wrong. Infiniti mostly solves problems of usability by mixing a touch screen with buttons and a dial, making many operations controllable by either. For example, the G37 lets me use its dial controller to scroll through menus, or push virtual buttons on the touchscreen. Buttons below the touchscreen give quick access to navigation, phone, and stereo. The dial controller, fitted with directional buttons, makes menu selection simple and the system responds quickly to inputs.

Voice command works for every area of the infotainment system, but shows a few limitations. Although you can place a call by saying the name of any contact stored in a Bluetooth-paired phone, the system isn't capable of recognizing artist, album, or song titles from the device.

I found the navigation system's route guidance easy to follow, as it showed useful graphics to explain upcoming turns and also read out the name of each street. However, I had to look at the center LCD for any visual guidance, as Infiniti does not take advantage of the instrument cluster display for navigation, and there isn't a head-up display.

iPods or flash drives are plugged into the car's USB port. The Bose system delivers good quality sound, even from Bluetooth connection with an iPhone.

Also featured are leather heated seats with memory. Internal storage is within driver reach, and paddle shifters on the steering wheel provides the driver with a feeling of being in a mini supercar.

Having always driven manual V8 beasts, I was a bit wary of the little black coupe with the 6-cylinder VQ. However, I soon found it delivered more “killer wasps “ than my XR8!

The 2013 Infiniti G37 offers a powerful ride regardless of the model. Steering is manoeuvrable and braking is responsive. As standard there are a number of safety features: the car has six airbags and height-adjustable safety belts. Fog lights also come standard and Xenon headlights allow drivers to drive stylishly at night.

The Infiniti G37 is estimated to go from zero to 100km/h in a snappy 5.0-5.4 seconds. I’m running Pirelli Cinturato P7 on Enkei rims, with run-flats on the front. As the rear tyres are wider, the spare in the coupe's boot serves as a spare for the rear only.

While I am 165cm tall, I’m too tall to sit in the rear seat. I don’t have passengers so I don’t care, however don’t believe any statements of comfort for rear passengers.

Tech is fine for my use, and the transmission is smooth and responsive. Push-button handbrake would have been a nice addition instead of a foot pedal, and maybe an addition of lane assist would have been good.

The only thing required for RWC was the replacement of wiper blades. I’m extremely happy to own this car.

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