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2013 HYUNDAI iX35 SE

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There is no dropdown option on your list to select the type of iX35 I have. It's a brand new, off the floor, 2013, 2.0 iX35 GLS Executive A/T.

It has been for wheel alignment 4 times already and it's still not right. Hyundai have now told me to get it fixed myself and bill them. Huh?

The fuel consumption computer does it's own thing and this car is extremely heavy on fuel. It goes from 9 litres / 100km to 20 litres / 100km whilst driving at the speed limit in the same area in the same way. There is no logic to it's range.

Benoni branch where I bought it from is in no hurry to get the issues sorted out despite endless phone calls and emails. Horrible after sales experience and really disappointed with the technical issues they can't seem to fix. It's my dream car that's turning into a nightmare.