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2013 Hyundai i30 Sr Review

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Coming up to 2 years of ownership, I thought I would share a small review on of my I30 SR Auto.

Being my first brand new car, I have been very pleased with my purchase. It has travelled 36,000km and has not had a single hiccup while driving. Since day 1 I have only ever put BP Ultimate (I know its not recommended, but it is all I've ever used in my past vehicles) and have had it serviced every 7,500km (Just a preference I have). There have been no recall issues or servicing issues from the mechanics at the Hyundai dealer. Main services are capped at $219.00 and the intermediate services I get are $185.00.

The car is very well equipped with Sat nav, Bluetooth, key less start, electric adjustable drivers seat and leather trim, etc... I did tick the options box of a panoramic sunroof and have enjoyed its use during summer and especially during winter to let in more light. It also sets off the car nicely in looks and contrasts well with the white body colour.

On the road the car holds its own very well. I like to keep the steering feel in sport to keep the wheel heavy and steady. I drive a total of 80km a day to work and back 50% urban & 50% highway on the M1 on the Gold Coast and return 7.0L/100km. I have not reset this part of the trip computer, so that is economy since driving out of the dealer. Much happier with this than the 9.5L/100km I was getting out of my VZ Calais 6cyl. Only complaint I have is tyre noise on different road surfaces, When it comes time I will be swapping the hankooks and look at putting Pirelli P7s on.

Engine power is enough for me and can easily over take on the highway without much effort. The 6 speed auto does a great job, although I do think some of the gearing is too long, especially in 3rd. It just winds up more than I'd like. Eco mode also works well to restrict peddle input to change gear at a lower Rpm than in normal. However wouldn't recommend using it in hilly areas as it tends to want to drop down 2 gears.

Cabin quality is great and all the buttons are functional and easy to find. Bluetooth works well and connects every time I enter the car. Sat Nav is easy to operate with big buttons to enter in address. Lots of soft touch points on the doors and dash. Centre cluster is easy to read and operate too from the steering wheel. Yet to here a squeak or rattle anywhere within the cabin and out.

Over all I think the SR is a great car and looks good on the road. I would have liked a bit more sportyness to the body to make it stand out more from the regular I30 range, but still looks neat and tidy without over doing it.

I would recommend the I30 SR to anyone interested in a fully optioned vehicle with a 2L punch. I did pay $30,500 brand new from the dealer and its well specced compared to the 103 golf & mazda 3 I was looking at when purchasing.

Looking forward to what Hyundai will bring next when the I30 is due for a new re design. Also very excited to see if an I30 N is revealed at Frankfurt motor show and to see if it makes its way to Aus, Then I think an upgrade is in order.

Thanks for reading,