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2013 Hyundai i30 SE review

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I purchased this car new in 2013 after seeing it in the Hyundai showroom. I hadn't seen a three-door i30 before, but there are thousands of five-doors! I was impressed with the look (especially in black) and the comfort when I first sat in it; the front seats are very comfortable.

Made in Europe and imported to Australia in very limited numbers and over a short period of time, it's been a fantastic little car, no issues at all. The only gripe is the fuel economy, but it can be driven economically if you want. However, you do need to at times compensate for the lack of low-down torque, but once up and running it's a smooth unit, and the six-speed manual ’box is easy to shift, light and precise.

I know looks are very subjective, however in my eyes I still believe it's the best-looking i30 model (current model included) and I love the rarity of this model – I have only ever seen another two black three-doors on the road.

It came standard with air-conditioning, seven airbags (including knee) giving its five-star ANCAP rating, cruise control, six-stack CD player, LED DRLs, rear fog lamps, power windows/mirrors and 16-inch alloy wheels. Another highlight in addition to the comfortable front seats is the air-conditioner. It's very effective, and being that it's black in colour and heats up quicker, the air-con is excellent in reducing the cabin temp down quickly.

I also optioned the Hyundai roof bars, LED (blue) interior light package, chrome tailgate strip, paint /fabric protection, floor/dash mats and dark window tint all round. It's also amazing how much you can fit in these, especially when the rear seats are folded flat, as it's very roomy in the back.

I also appreciate the long manufacturer's warranty and Hyundai fixed-price 12-monthly servicing schedule. My other car is another Hyundai, an iLoad, which like the i30 has been a very reliable vehicle.

Hyundai has certainly come a long way – 20 years ago I would not have considered the brand to own. After 80,000km, I have no complaints apart from having to wash it (it's black) to keep it looking good, but it's time to upgrade.