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2013 Hyundai i30 Diesel Review

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This car is definitely worth the look, if you are shopping around for a new vehicle. It is cost efficient, sleek, and comes with a few bells and whistles, as well as being comfortable and easy to handle with a few minor bugs.

The 1.6 L Diesel will get you roughly 800 km to a tank of fuel with combined free way and city driving. Dealers will tell you this vehicle will average 3.7 - 4.0 L / 100 km. You will not reach it. The best will average between 5.1 - 5.5 L / 100 km.

I was looking for a car that would be reliable, had enough power, and enough room when I came across the i30. As for the power and performance. It will not need the accelerator pushed to the floor to go fast. I easily climbed step inclines at Coffs Harbour, NSW and Kangaroo Valley, NSW. The car never flinched.

Also has a nifty feature called flex steering, which allows you to change the heaviness of the steering wheel, with 3 modes: comfort, normal, and sport; from lightest to heaviest. Yet to date, haven't had a problem with it, with 51,800 km on the dash. And also the car for personal purchase is backed by a 5 yr / unlimited km warranty.

And unlimited means unlimited, no fine line back stabbing. As for space. It is wider than a VW Golf, comfortable bucket seats in the front, and completely flat folding back seats. I was able to fit four large boxes and two mattresses for putting a cot and changing table together for a bub on the way (and by the way has 7 air bag / 5 star ANCAP rating).

Other nice interior features included are an aux port, iPad port and USB drive to load and play all your favourite tunes, and 2 12 volt chargers in the front and one in the boot. Also you can record CD, MP3, MP4 or radio songs onto a 16 hour hard drive in bedded on the touch screen dash display. So, you no longer need to tote around your CD's and risk getting your car broken in to.

Services are relatively cheap with the 15,000 km, 30,000 km, and 45,000 km services being $289 capped. The services increase from here, but are always capped, and each time you service, Hyundai gives you free 12 months road side assistance. So throw away your extra road side assistance policy that you are paying for.

My 2013 GD Active i30 came in at a price tag of $32,900 out the door, tags, etc. Which was brand new, and had sports pedals installed, sporty scuff plates, premium mags, window tinting (20 yr warranty), paint protection (20 yr warranty), and interior protection (10 yr warranty), floor mats, and gap insurance. Without the gap insurance, my car would have been under $30,000

The only gripes I have about the car would be:

It has box suspension instead of an independent rear suspension. So it makes for a bit of a bumpier ride. Handling turns is a bit loose compared to a VW Golf, so you got to slow down a bit more at round a bouts. If you are an avid radio listener, this car is not for you. The cheap antenna that has been provided only allows for about 30-50 km distance away from the radio station before it fades away.

Other then that, I would not think twice to purchase another one.