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2013 HSV Senator Signature Review

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This is absolutely the best motor car I have ever owned! Looks, comfort, power and handling. It looks great on the road, has outstanding pickup and efficient brakes. Handling totally predictable.

On country trips, specifically Sydney to Barellan and return, I have a best average fuel consumption of 7.7 litres per 100 kms. I LOVE this car, I purchased it on 10/10/13. I picked it up and drove to Barellan. A 6 hour drive. I spent the next day reading about all the little messages it was giving me e.g notification about wandering across a lane marking without actually turning or signalling a lane change. Service costs are capped. I have never had to have anything but a normal scheduled service.

It gives a feeling of power, quick pickup and smooth transmission. If one does not regulate the actions of the right foot, loss of traction on the rear wheels is predictable and to be absolutely expected. Not a fault of the car but "the nut behind the wheel". When I overtake on the open road, I like to do it quickly and return to the correct side of the road, this Senator Signature has no problem doing this.

I have noticed the review on the HSV Senator that it says it doesn't give a perfect option. Mine does, although I have never needed to use it. Because of the powerful rumbling note given by opening the bivalve exhaust system I normally drive in Spot mode. I find that it sits on the road as if on railway lines. The handling is 100% predictable. I have never been unfortunately surprised by its reaction and I have pushed it hard at times. (Of course not within the last 6 months statutory period of limitation!!)