Owner Review

2013 HSV Clubsport R8

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HSV have spent their time developing the new Gen-F platform very well.

It's a generational leap that puts HSV up there with the typical Euro picks.

The well-established LS3 platform and drivetrain is carried over from the VE series, with minor tweaks, delivering an excellent ride.

It's obvious that most of the effort has been placed on redesigning the body and the interior, with the latter doing away with the previous model's plastic look and feel. Great new seats and an appropriate use of suede, leather, chrome and carbonfibre give the Clubsport R8 a sophisticated yet aggressive and sporty feel.

This new-look interior is also packed with tech and safety goodies such as a head-up display, enhanced driver interface, blind spot assist, forward collision alert, lane departure warning and auto park.

All of this aside though, the reason you by this car is an emotional one.

You want to hear the V8 roar when you hit wide open throttle and the car doesn't disappoint as 325kW of engine bursts to life when you drop down a few gears whether in auto or sports manual mode. The 275mm-wide rear Continental tyres do a good job too of keeping the car straight and in control.

The new-look LED tail-lights certainly contribute to the car’s aggressive styling and definitely have a personality of their own. Some people may think they turn the HSV into a Mazda or Toyota look-alike but I don’t care, I love it.