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2013 Honda Odyssey review

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This was the last model in the old-shaped Honda Odyssey, and ours is nearly five years old now. What a great family car it has been. It's not the prettiest car to look at, but a great-performing car with plenty of space that drives and handles so much better than it should.

We love the flat floor that creates so much space for everyone. I am amazed at how good Honda was in ensuring maximum space in this vehicle. Honda seems to do this better than anyone else.

Driving is excellent. It handles bends and mountains very well, and driving through Kangaroo Valley with ease, for instance. It has great fuel consumption for its size. We have lived in both the city and country, and the fuel consumption is excellent and better than many current-model vehicles.

In the time we have had our vehicle, we have had no issues with it. Everything still works, nothing is falling off or apart – not bad for 110,000km on the clock. The service is every 10,000km or six months, so it does come up quickly. It would be nice if it was every 15,000km or 12 months.

The technology in the car is okay. It has sat-nav that is a little dated now, but it could easily be updated if needed. It has a reverse camera and air vents in all three rows.

The third row is one of the best around and can be used by an adult. At least, my wife is able to use it from time to time when we have needed to. In saying that, she is not the tallest going around, but I think it is better than most cars. The third row can also have a child seat in it if you require that. I know that many three-row vehicles cannot do this, and this was one of the reasons we purchased this vehicle when we did.

Boot space is excellent. Even with with the third row in use, the boot has plenty of room for shopping or some luggage. Again, not many will beat it in this area.

This is an excellent family vehicle that I would recommend for someone who is looking to buy a used vehicle with a limited budget. It has great reliability, is very practical, and drives as well as many sedans of the same era. The fuel economy is also excellent. If you are after a quality used vehicle, you could not go past a Honda Odyssey.