Owner Review

2013 Honda Civic Hatch VTi-L

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Got a family? Need practicality? Want good fuel economy? Want a compact car and want it to look like a coupe? Honda have your car.

Being a Honda, the European-built Civic hatch is well made, reliable and uses proven transmissions and petrol engines. It also feels solid and has soft touch plastics, unlike the Thai sourced sedan.

I think the Civic hatch looks better than a Veloster, yet offers five seats and a massive 400-litre boot – perfect for us with kids.

On the not so good side of the ledger, rear visibility is not great as the rear glass is dissected by the spoiler, though, you do quickly get used to this and the rear camera helps as well.

Performance is best described as adequate, especially if you use the Econ button. For many buyers, not having a 2.0-litre in this car will be a deal breaker. Other oddities are the need for 95 RON fuel and indicators on the left when the Thai-sourced sedan is happy with 91 RON and the indicators on the right.

Another negative is the use of Euro brakes... This means good stopping but lots of brake dust and rotors that can't be machined, so brake jobs are going to be expensive. The sedan allows you to machine a couple of times and just replace pads, which is much cheaper.

This car is also great value, with it's on-road price being much better than a Mazda 3.

For me, this car is a no-brainer purchase offering sports car looks, practicality and attractive pricing. It can also be a sporty drive if you use the paddle shifters.