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2013 Honda Accord Euro Luxury Navi Review

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Deciding to retire my 2010 Holden Cruze CDX Diesel as I was beginning to have a few problems (4 Fuel feed lines in 3 years, Shock Absorbers, CV Shafts, and 2 sets of break pads all in 65,000km) I decided to shop around a little, I wasn't going to go back to a Holden dealership as I wasn't going to own another re-badged Daewoo. Firstly I looked at the Mazda 6 Touring, a lovely styled car, a bit noisy in the diesel, and not much better in the petrol, loads of standard extras, but I just didn't need a car that big, and I was concerned it wouldn't fit in the garage at home.

I then turned to Honda, looking at the Accord VTI-S, it also had a load of standard extras, Blind Spot Camera, LED Headlights the list goes on, but yet again, it was still quite a large car. Having owned an Accord Euro prior to getting into the Cruze, I had another look at them, obviously the newer model out and how great did it look? I test drove the base model in automatic, I loved it! It still had its comfort and safety, along with its grunty and reliable engine.

I previously owned the Luxury in the Accord Euro, so I was leaning towards the LuxuryNavi this time. Bi-xenon headlights, with high beam support, and sat nav were what I needed as i did a lot of highway driving at night and sometimes forget to turn the high beams down, and the GPS.. well that was an added bonus, and now I could retire the stick on the windscreen TomTom.

I was sold! i previously had the Grey in the Accord, and my Cruze was also Grey, so I decided to stick with what I know and buy the Grey. I wanted it to look sportier than it already did so I added the Modulo body kit.

Having averaged about 7L/100km in the Cruze, I wasn't expecting the same economy out of the Accord Euro, bigger engine, bigger car, petrol it kind of comes hand in hand. The seats are much comfier than I remember, and the heated seats were great on those frosty mornings. It has a great sound system with amazing bass perfect to rock out to the tunes in. the 2.4L engine is great for overtaking with the paddle shifters that i can just knock it back a gear or two and I'm off. The boot has ample space to fit all the shopping in and much much more, the back seat as enough room to fit a child seat for the grandchildren and enough room as well to seat another adult comfortably. The GPS unit is simple and user friendly. All in all the Accord Euro is a great family car, smooth to ride in even on 18" alloy wheels.

The only down falls to the car is its fuel economy, I average about 10.1L/100km in my normal day to day driving, and about 8.3L/100km on the highway, and taking Premium 95 petrol can prove a bit expensive at the bowser. Servicing can also be a bit extreme one costing me just over the $500 mark, and the car was hitting the luxury car price at around $53,000 drive away, but I didn't mind as it is going to last me at least until I retire. As long as the fuel prices stay where they are.