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2013 Holden Ute Sv6 Review

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I have had my SV6 Ute for just under 3 years now, I got it through work as a salary sacrifice car and I hate it. This is the 2nd Holden I have owned (had a VN when I was on my P's and really shouldn't of got that car).

When I first got the car me and my partner drove down to Adelaide from Townsville over Christmas, it was then we realized how terrible the seats were. They were uncomfortable and left us aching after driving all day and we couldn't even feel the lumbar support, after 3 years they have gotten a little more comfortable but after driving around the city for a little while I feel uncomfortable and stiff in my back and hips.

Also on the drive down to Adelaide we were using the GPS because we were in the middle of nowhere and guaranteed it would freeze half way through the days trip, we would have to turn the car off wait a few minutes then turn it back on hoping the GPS unfroze. We have just moved from Townsville to Sydney this week and the GPS froze again on the way down, then driving around Sydney here it tells us to go straight when we should turn, or turn right when it really means turn left, or tells us to turn when we should be going straight. Again with the interface if you select Ipod on the media centre thing and select shuffle it wont shuffle the whole Ipod, just the selected artist you are listening to.

I don't get why they would include a space saver tyre when it is stored on the underside of the chassis? There seems to be more then enough space for a full sized spare to be included. We had a tyre explode on us at 4am in a remote country town and it was only lucky that it was a larger town that had a tyre store otherwise we'd be doing 80km/h for the next 300km to get a real tyre.

On the interior was it so hard to put a light in the glovebox, or even lights above the sun-visor mirrors like I have seen cheaper cars include?

Those points may seem nit-picky but for what was advertised as Australia's most advanced car I would expect these kind of things not to happen or to include what I would say are basics.

Of all the things I hate about the car, there is ONE good point, the automatic parking (the car will park in a parallel or 90 degree park by itself). This feature has saved me hours of driving around looking for a park I thought I could fit in. It steers itself into the park and gets it perfect and central every single time. Though I have only used it 3 times in 3 years.

The transmission is good and smooth (though doesnt help that I'm terrible at changing from 1st to 2nd for some reason). Road noise I can barely hear thanks to good tyres and acoustic glass, which I'm guessing blocks out most of the surrounding road noise, so you can hear music or phone calls without turning the volume right up.

Fuel economy is very good if on a highway, I have got it down to about 6L/100km saying I had a range of 900km. Around town was pretty good got to 8L/100km in Townsville, though I think in much busier Sydney it wont be that good.

I do like the electronic park brake, it turns on automatically if I forget to turn it on when I park my car. It also holds the car for a short period of time while doing hill starts. Though sometimes I wish I was a traditional park brake, just for those odd really steep hills.

I got a 5 year lease , though after this experience I wish it was for a shorter time so I could get rid of it and get a different car. Having read a few other reviews of the car I think it was just my luck to get a 'lemon'.