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2013 Holden Malibu Cd Review

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Good size and comfortable, performance is good for size of vehicle and bigger engine would have suited more.

Electronics, like sound system, bluetooth etc are very good. Internal and external looks very pleasing. Overall has been a good vehicle except of late. Has been to dealer 4 times for not starting. First visit battery replaced, second visit they said it was driver switch which was replaced. Third visit and they said ants causing shortage with relay so not warranty work, disappointing but paid the $389 to clean out fuse box..

Pretty weird that ants can cause what was once to me. And yet again car sitting idle in front of house. Next option they offered is to replace fuse box at nearly $900 but unsure whether they can guarantee fix. Have tried to get support from Holden Australia, AHG and workshop and I believe that they're not interested as they can use some excuse like environmental issue as cause.. I guess in this case the Ant is mightier than the lion ... not sure where to go from here...

So as a bit of advice to Holden, I would suggest they do something about looking at how they can ensure any future vehicle they build includes protection against the common little ant and to use the excuse that they have with me.

Holden has always been my vehicle of choice for last 40 years and unless there is a guarantee with button start not having issues will steer right away from Holden in future.