Owner Review


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This is the ninth Holden I have owned over 35 years and it is without doubt the very best. The last five have been Commodores, the last one a VZ SV6 that was when I purchased it a great improvement on all the previous Commodores I had owned.

When I test drove the new VF SV6 I was astounded at the huge improvements in the ride, vehicle quietness, steering and both internal and external finish (only 20 kilometres on the clock so no performance testing allowed, the VZ SV6 performance was more than adequate for me anyway).

I have driven this VF SV6 from home (Moss Vale) to POW Hospital Randwick several times down through the expressway then the M5 moving car park. It is a dream to drive both on the expressway and in the terrible traffic on the M5 and city roads. The blind spot indicators in the mirrors and parking assist collision indicators make driving in close traffic and tight car parks very easy. On arrival you did not even feel like you have been battling all types of awkward traffic conditions and strange drivers for two hours. Just step out of the car and move away as if you had only backed out of the drive.

In my opinion a magnificent motor car for an Australian build and great value for the Australian dollars I paid for it.