Ford Kuga 2013 titanium (awd)
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2013 Ford Kuga Titanium review

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When purchasing our Kuga we looked at a few other cars like the Ford Focus, Mondeo, and the newer Escape, but found ourselves being drawn back to the Kuga for multiple reasons. Downsizing from a Ranger Wildtrak meant the need for something that was big enough but not huge. The price of the Kuga was the main selling point, along with the features and looks of a 2013 car.

Yes, this nearly 7-year old car can park itself into a parallel car park and open the electronic boot with the wave of your foot. It has safety systems such as 7 airbags and a feature where it will call emergency services by using the GPS signal from your phone in the event an air bag goes off. The car's steering is spot on, while also being very light around town as well as being able to throw a U-turn whenever you would like. We did have a issue with the front shock; when hitting bumps the car would make a loud bang, throwing the car around. Luckily for us it was replaced under the dealerships warranty.

The fuel economy is not what the claimed figures are, but having only owned the car since February, over time it will become better. The most out of a tank has been around 800 kilometres and the most economical being around 5.0 litres per 100 kilometres when doing a country trip. It uses around 7.0L/100km when doing 110km/h down the Hume freeway towards Melbourne. I’m sure it would be better going the Sydney way. In town we get no more than 7.2L/100km.

Having only 44000km when purchasing, everything is like new - having no wear inside and minimal marks on the outside. The engine is more than enough to get you moving, with its very torquey 2.0-litre 4-cylinder Duratorq Diesel engine. The 6-speed PowerShift transmission always finds the highest gear possible and keeps the revs low all the time. Altogether, this is an awesome car with an awesome price tag. Most of its competitors in the same year range look very old and basic, where the Kuga still looks very modern to this day with its European styling.

Make sure to consider this one on your shopping list.

NOTE: We've used a CarAdvice photo with this story.