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2013 Ford Focus Sport review

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After almost five years of ownership, the time has come to upgrade to a larger vehicle for the larger family. I thought the time was right to finally submit a review.

Replacing a VE Calais V V8 that, while fast and comfortable, was chewing through $120/week in fuel (500–600km/week) and beginning to rack up repair costs, the brief was something fun to drive, economical, and manual. Being 24 and single at the time, I figured if I didn't own a manual car then, I might never!

After considering the then-new Mazda 3 Maxx, I was turned off by short service intervals and the less energetic motor that fell into my price range. Driving past a dealer after work one day, I saw the Focus, and after a test drive and some homework I was set.

Purchased in September 2014, my 2013 Ford Focus Sport was just over a year old with 5500km on the clock at the time, and has now ticked over to 100,000km in my hands. At the time I was tossing up between the Sport and a Trend for $3K less, but I've been happy I made the decision to step it up. Reverse camera, sat-nav, bigger centre screen, 17-inch alloys, bodykit and more mean that even four years on, I still smile when I see it parked and get in.

The manual transmission is probably a gear short (five-speed) but easy to use, and over time I've averaged between 7.5–8.0L/100km, with a best of 5.0L/100km on an 800km round trip. Not bad against a 6.6L rating, especially with a lead foot. Coming from a 6.0-litre V8, speed was never going to compare, but I've merged and overtaken adequately for what it is. I can definitely see value in the ST there.

Space-wise, up front is great with the rear adequate (for car seats too) but not overly generous. Lack of rear vents is a shame, but overall it's not a bad place to be. Boot space is about middle of the pack, but with the seats folded flat it's been great for moves over the years. Technologically, things have moved on, but Bluetooth music streaming is still usable and the sound remains a highlight.

Issues so far have been a front window regulator that died three years in, but that's it. Ford's capped-price servicing occasionally seems high for a basic engine, but the free loaner car is a nice touch.

A great car that's still fun to get in every day, but unfortunately a little small for two children under two and the associated gear!

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