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2013 Ford Focus Review

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A steering wheel, seats, seat belts, gear stick and brakes, definitely a car. But if you're looking for a mid range, compact hatchback or sedan with an attractive price tag, why the hell would you buy a ford focus?

Real question is, why the hell not?

The focus has been one of fords best selling models since the late 90's, back when jeans and runners were cool and everyone was discovering the Internet. The Escort and the Laser had both been phased out and the new focus drove into town. Many years later we're left with a perfect example of a small family car that still follows the same formula ford has been using since it started.

When you step inside the car you instantly feel like you're sitting in a mark two escort, ready to tackle a tight rally stage, while still feeling comfortable enough to drive down to the shops to meet up with your mates for a cheeky Nandos.

Usually, as a young man, other young men judge you by what you drive and your mum still worries that if you're not home by 10, you're wrapped around a power pole somewhere in the backstreets. The focus offers both swag and safety. The sport model comes with tasteful 17” rims, a barely functional but very cool rear wing, fully equipped airbags and reversing camera with sensors.

You will absolutely love the convenience of the Bluetooth connectivity, being able to stream music and download your personal phone book into the Focus' infotainment system… On the off chance it works. On more than one occasion I have considered taking a pickaxe to the over complicated and confusing infotainment system Ford has named ‘SYNC'. A cheaper version of Apple's ‘SIRI' function, ‘SYNC' is almost like ‘SIRI'S' illiterate and hard to understand sister.

With it's comfortable bucket seats, smooth manual gearbox and tighter suspension, it's the perfect non turbo option for a middle age man with a receding hairline who wants to relive the glory days of getting his licence, or alternatively a mother of young kids who appreciates a zippy, stylish and solidly built family car.

Fuel consumption is a winner, my own focus sitting around 6.8L per 100km, and with three years free servicing, it's very affordable to keep running on the cheap. I just took my own focus in for it's 30,000km service, and after experiencing out of this world customer service and a free loan car, I was extremely impressed with Ford's performance.

As great as sports suspension and a cool rear spoiler are, this car does in some ways lack in comparison to an i30 or a Lancer.

If you're like me and you're a 6' 7” monster, you'll have no troubles fitting comfortably in the driver or passenger seat. However if you're any taller than Bill Shorten, you're not gonna have a nice time in the back seats and if you're going on holiday you may fit most of your luggage in the boot, but none of the over priced, tacky souvenirs you bring back home with you.

Also, if it's your first time in a newer mark three focus, it may take some time to get used to the stupid handbrake location and pointless smart phone holder that isn't even big enough for an iPhone 5.

But all that aside, I have fallen completely in love with my focus and the strange magic you only experience with a Ford.