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2013 Ford Fiesta Lx Review

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I am so sorry to say that if you want comfort take the Ford Fiesta LX off your shopping list. It may be what some advertisers say is the best small car but it's also the most uncomfortable.

The driving position is compromised by a lack of space in the foot well. I find that the Fiesta can wander a little going over bumps, as it's so light.

The seats are totally uncomfortable and totally unsupportive, a no, no for long journeys. Also the split-fold rear seats are set at such as an angle are anything but comfortable or passengers.

Overall handling and speed is a let down when overtaking, but compared to the Focus 2.00lt fuel combustion is much better.

Hands free mobile is great and radio CD player are of good quality. Overall I should say a nice little car, however, the Big, big downfall or me buying a new car is front seat comfort, which has caused major back problems, to the point of having to see a chiropractor.

Enquired about getting Focus seats put in but not possible. Would never buy a Fiesta again due to the seats being, what I believe to be unsuitable for any back.

Everything else about the car is okay for it's price range, just a big let down with the seats, which after 6 months have gone out of shape and sunk at the back and base so your knees are above your hips, which is bad for your back. (I only weigh 60kg.) Tried foam and back rest but to no avail. I had no back problems with the Focus.

This car is let down by the lack of lumbar support, sorry Ford thumbs down on this one. Anyone want to buy a Ford Fiesta?