Ford Fiesta 2013 ambiente
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2013 Ford Fiesta Ambiente review

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I have owned my Fiesta WZ Ambiente since new in 2013, and have kept it all the way to this day in May 2020! It now has 120,000km on the odometer.

The car is fit for what it was designed for; a city/town runabout. I drive 500km a week and live up a dirt road that’s not always maintained by council. The little Fiesta handles it with ease and better than some so-called 4x4’s. The Fiesta has been reliable, fuel efficient and dare I say it, “a pleasure!”

I’ve driven many small cars over time and overall, Ford is on the right track here with this little gem! It needs more refinement with quality of materials, and the engine/automatic combination needed more R&D - or just maybe a better/bigger engine, like a 2.0 litre maybe? Yes, fuel efficiency may have suffered, but not as much as you would think - it’s not hauling much weight!

I only use 98RON, and I find that this makes a big difference in reliability, efficiency and performance. It’s a pity that Ford Australia has now decided to not sell the Fiesta in this small car segment. They have a weapon in the Fiesta ST, which is available still, but not the rest of the range that’s more practical. Sad!

I would say that if you’re looking for an efficient little second hand car for the family or as a town runabout, don’t over look this small car.

On the negative side, there are budget seats, and a budget arm rest on the driver's side! The door arm rest is not skin friendly! The cloth used is obviously not thought out, but likely chosen for budget concerns for keeping the car in price constraints? I’m 5-foot-10 and fit, weighing around 80kg (so not heavy), but the plastic on the bottom side of the right driver's seat has broken. The automatic feel’s as though it needs a 2.0-litre engine, and not a 1.5-litre. The indicator stick/windscreen stick are also back-to-front! European set up? There's also no spare tyre.

For the positives, it's a great little car for day-to-day. It has good handling and is fuel efficient, with nice looks. Instrumentation, Bluetooth, and cruise control are all set with controls on the steering wheel. The Continental tyres (standard when new) are awesome (wet-dry), and I do push it in my driving too! I have tried other tyre brands, but found they're not as good. There's a well-sized boot, and there's a sliding storage box underneath the front left seat.