Ford Falcon 2013 xr6t
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2013 Ford Falcon XR6T review

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My partner's car, when we met, was an XR6 Turbo ute and it was an absolute weapon! Unfortunately circumstances meant it had to be sold, but we've both missed that car terribly over the past 5 years.

Due to the increasing prices of Australian performance cars that are in good condition, I started looking into possibly getting an XR6 Turbo sedan and found this blue beauty in Adelaide. After a quick chat to the dealer, ensuring a full history, I made the purchase and had it shipped up to Canberra. One of the draw-cards of this particular used model was the low Ks, the luxury and tech packs that were added and that it was the exact colour I wanted.

To be used mostly as a weekend cruiser (because our daily's are a lot smaller) the XR6T has not disappointed. Effortless is how I'd describe the power. Whether cruising smoothly around the suburbs or when you want to put the boot in, it just digs in its heels and rushes forward with ease, sending your back deep into the comfy leather seats. The ZF 6-speed transmission is smooth and solid and works perfectly with the ultra powerful engine. Fuel consumption is okay when giving it the boot and excellent when cruising around town or on the highway.

After six years, the interior is in brilliant condition, and with the tech pack, doesn't want for much, with the sat-nav, Bluetooth phone and streaming working great! It could use a map update though! There's tonnes of room inside and seats five comfortably. The bodywork is in brilliant condition and the gorgeous blue paint feels like you could dive into it. Boot space is massive too.

Handling was always a strong suit of the XR6T and this definitely does not disappoint, ride quality being especially great. However it is noticeably larger than my Focus RS and feels it in the corners. On receiving the car, I did notice some sounds that didn't sound quite right when going over bumps and my mechanic found some significantly cracked bushes in the suspension components. They have been replaced now and the ride now feels and sounds solid as a rock. The 19-inch wheels (which were part of the luxury pack) set off the car nicely and fit perfectly in the wheel arches. I wished the previous owner had chosen some slightly better tyres though!

Ford Australia really know how to make a car - and the demise of the Australian car industry is indeed a sad loss. I really think the FG MkII Falcon is the best looking and really the last true Australian designed performance car, as the FGX successor towed the Mondeo/Fusion styling line. Every time I look at the XR6T I'm so happy I made the purchase and hopefully when it's time to part company with it I may even make a few bucks!!

And my partner? Now that we've got the XR6 Turbo back in the garage, there's no car he prefers to drive and he raves about it every time we're in it. The thing that makes me happiest? After years driving a Navara ute, the XR6T has renewed his love of cars.

If you're thinking of getting an XR6 Turbo, don't delay as there are fewer and fewer good ones out there!

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