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2013 Fiat Freemont Lounge Review

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We first chose this car because it was one of the newest family friendly wagon on the market. Its price and features were very competitive at that time compared to Other 7 seaters cars offered. We were attracted by its advertising price. Its has the built in booster seats and lots of storage space which are plus for family with young children. The fuel consumption is the same with its rival such as Honda CRV or Toyota Kluger. We were happy with this car for about 6 months, then the hassels has been started.

We are Very disappointed with the performance of this car. Even though The car is still within 3 years manufacturer's warranty, it has many ongoing problems. It Started with a faulty CDs system, then followed up with Bluetooth connection then its navigation! Fiat ended up replacing the whole unit. But not last, the engine's faulty indication light flasing up, fiat keeps resetting the system and after had it checked for the 3rd time, Fiat still cannot determine what causing the problems!

Within a year I had to visit the service department for more than 5 times not including general services. It is unbelievable for a brand new car to have such performance. A brand new car just simply taking too much time and effort to travel back and forward for fixing up the faulty. We also received letter of recall this car earlier this month.

Usually if we are not happy with any products, we can return it but not for the car??? Totally unhappy customer.