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2013 Citroen C4 Exclusive Turbo Review

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So i have had a fair few car's including Audi,Mazda,BMW,Toyota,Subaru,Honda,Alfa and a few other's.I got sick of the car's i see on the road everyday and thought i want something different but not something outrageous. So i went shopping and found something i instantly fell in love with . This is My C4 Exclusive 1.6 Turbo . When i walked up to this car for the first time and opened the driver's door that was it i was sold on this car.

The interior was something i would have never expected in a car at this price. From the Leather and fabric seats to the bright blue glow from the dash cluster it was just prestige with funk. It also got better the features list just went on from things that were different and useless to things that you can use everyday to make your life easy and safe. Quirky things like the dash cluster has a selection of colours you can choose from. The indicator sound can be changed with 4 selections. Massaging front seats These things are not that useful but fun to have and show off .

Cruise control with speed limiter function , Automatic Headlight, Automatic Wipers , LED lighting throughout the car , Cool box ,Built in torch , Front and Rear sensors , Blind Spot Warning , Folding mirrors and i'm sure more that i have forgotten but the list is just amazing on a car at this price .$27,900 Drive away after some negotiating.

The Stereo system is a let down quality wise but with Bluetooth , USB , AUX it's not the worst.

The performance of this car is very decent i would not call it fast or a race car but its a hoot to drive . The EGS Gearbox is frustrating but i enjoy that . it's nothing like a regular automatic . If you know car's then me saying its similar to an Alfa Romeo Selespeed will give you more of an idea how the car drives.

The 1.6 turbo is willing to go and will not need to be revved hard to pick up speed .

I think this car is a car that would suit anyone's needs if your sick of driving a corolla or civic it's something different .

You can't compare this car to the Japanese rivals with reliability or resale. Just on style and options you get with the same price as a mid spec rival .

Fuel consumption is great getting around 900ks to a full tank on a trip it Sydney free way and around 600ks around town . 98 Premium unleaded is used.

The handling is quiet good but not great in the wet under steer can be a bit annoying at times if you drive it a bit harder.

Since i have brought the car i have only had a few small issues including ; water leak and oil leak. And the clutch needing to be replaced at 23000ks but that was all covered under warranty.

I do enjoy this car alot if i was to buy another Citroen it would have to be manual and a DS series.

Since i have brought this car i have updated the exhaust system. ( sounds amazing ) The Stereo system including speakers and amplifier Stock Head unit as you can not change this. And the Rims .