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2013 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core Review

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After only owning ever owning Falcons the big Chrysler was a huge departure for me. It was love at first sight when I wondered into the dealership and saw one on the floor.

After 20,000kms I can report my love has not waivered. The 6.4 hemi is brutal when pushed, but very civilized in normal day to day driving. The fuel economy is acceptable for a 2 tonne car with 347kw. Mine sits at roughly 13.5l/100kms for the day to day grind. Mine was optioned with leather, sat nav and rev camera, and looks fab in tri colour pearl white. The build quality I would def rate above that of the local offerings, but not at the level of some of the euros and japs.

On the down side its 1990s Mercedes underpinnings are evident in some areas. The 5 speed auto does its job admirably but after coming out of an FG turbo with a ZF 6 speed, you notice the difference. Also room in the back seat doesnt reflect the sheer size of the car, and the footbrake is just a pain, hence I never use it.

Im a mechanic so I do my own servicing but I believe service costs are quite high despite Chrysler recently introducing fix price servicing.

These cars arent for everyone but with the imminent demise of Commodore and Falcon we might see more of these on the road. If your in the market for big rear drive V8's you could do a lot worse in my opinion.