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2013 Chrysler 300 C Luxury Review

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I purchased the my 2013 Chrysler 300c Luxury brand new in 2013, it arrived after a 6 month wait in July 2013.

This is a very solid car that is packed full of features and really is a bargain when compared to competitors. The luxury model is the highest spec vehicle in the Chrysler 300 range with out a 6.4litre hemi. My luxury is fitted with the Pentastar 3.6 litre V6 that has 210kw and 340nm, that is mated to a 8 speed e-gear ZF auto and does 0- 100km/h in 7.0secs and can run Unleaded 91, I personally run the vehicle on Unleaded 95.

Since owning the vehicle I have done just under 22,000kms in the 14 months that I have owned it, which was a 50 / 50 of city driving and long distance highway driving. Around town you can really feel the size of the vehicle, it’s a very large car and it can certainly this way in tight spots and car parks. But with all the driver aids in the 300c luxury model, it does make the task a lot easier. The ZF can be clunky at times when slowing down when the engine is still cold, but this goes away once the engine and transmission has warmed to the correct temp.

But on the highway driving long distance is this car’s strong point and where this car feels right at home, Been the luxury model you get adaptive cruise control as standard, which makes log distance driving just that little bit easier and pleasurable. Its great on fuel on the highway, its very quiet and stable at speed. At 105km/h the vehicle will sit on revs 1350rpm in 8th gear. When doing 100km/h or more the vehicle remains very composed and can be very deceiving as it doesn’t feel like you are doing 100km/h. the vehicle handles very well for its size when wanting to drive a little spirited, power delivery is quite smooth.

The is a little bit of lag off the line, due to the size of the car, but the power really comes on as you climb the rev range and when you get above 3000rpms, it really starts to take off, which is great for rolling acceleration for passing vehicles on the highway and the transmission handles this well by selecting the right gear, it doesn’t go hunting for gear, it just your put your foot down and it stays flat and builds speed with no drama at all and it does gather speed quiet quickly on the move (so be careful).

Personally I feel that fuels usage is acceptable for this car around town, where it uses between 12 – 14litres per 100kms, which is caused by a mix of the weight of the car but also due to my driving habits, so lower fuel usage around town is very achievable. On the highway, again it comes in to its own and the fuel usage drops to 7 – 8 litres per 100kms, I have got 950kms out of 1 tank of fuel doing pure highway driving in this car.

Now to the interior, this is where the 300c luxury sets its self away from the rest of the range and the competitors, the vehicle is jam packed full of features, whilst also adding extra touches to make the vehicle fill very special and nice place to be. With the luxury model it adds stitched nappa leather covered surfaces, which includes the whole dash, top half of all 4 doors, the centre console and the steering wheel, in addition to this, the is REAL Mocha coloured wood trim, which includes spears in the all doors, on the dash plus on the centre console around the transmission and lower half of the centre stack under the A/C controls and touch screen.

The touch screen is great and you can control a lot from it and the screen itself is very clear, responsive, easy to use and quiet large (8.4inch). also another good addition that the Luxury model gets over the standard 300 / 300c models, is the ability to select gears plus the addition of sports mode. Where the 300/300c have options of Drive or Low gear, the 300c luxury and now the 300s, you have the ability by the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters to select gears in either drive or sports mode and also in sports mode it doesn’t over write your choice and stays in “manual mode” where in drive if you don’t change gears for a short period it will revert back to drive.

Sport mode doesn’t add any more power but does remap shifting, where it will hold a gear longer, more aggressive changes and stay in lower gears at higher revs to be ready to go at all times. Its only worth wild using this mode whilst driving in a spirited matter. Also when selecting the Luxury model, it rewards you the option to be able to upgrade from the standard stereo to the Harman Kardon Speaker package (900watt), which you can not do in the 300/300c models, which is well worth the extra, as it’s a brilliant car stereo, very clear and very good quality with really good bass.

Also on my vehicle I optioned the Panoramic sunroof which covered over 70% of the roof. Also with the luxury model, the chrome is changed to a more upmarket looking platinum chrome and comes with 20inch wheels as standard.

The car is to be serviced every 6 months or 12,000kms, which ever comes first. My first 6 month service costed around $300 and the 12 month service was about $425.

In the 14 months of having the car, I have only had a minor issue with the car, there is was a vibration on the rear parcel shelf, caused by the stereo on some songs, but this has since been corrected by the dealership with minimal fuss. The car is currently solid as a rock and hasn’t missed a beat since I have owned it. All in all I am very happy with the car and its brilliant value.

Below is an overview of the features of my 300c Luxury petrol.

• Push Button Start
• 8.4inch Touch Screen with Sat Nav and DVD player and also controls all Music, Phone commands and Heating/cooling
• Heated and Cooled Front Seats
• Heated and Cooled Front Cup Holders
• Heated Steering Wheel
• Heated Rear Seats with illuminated cup holders.
• Dual Zone Climate Control
• 19 Speaker Stereo (900watt – Harmon / Kardon)
• Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof (Covers over 70% of the Roof)
• 8 Speed Automatic (with Steering Wheel Mounted Paddle Shifters)
• Front and Rear Parking Sensors and Reversing Camera
• 20 Inch Alloy Wheels – Fitted with Tyre Pressure Monitoring
• Adoptive Cruise Control
• Blind Spot Monitoring
• Rear Cross Path Monitoring (this tell you if some one is coming from a side direction while reversing out of car park space, for example when you can’t see around the 4WD that has parked next to you)
• Voice Command (Sat Nav, Stereo, Phone, Air Con Controls)
• Nappa Leather Seats
• Nappa Leather Covered – Centre console, Doors, Dash
• Rain Sensor Wipers
• Acoustic Glass Front Windows and Windscreen (This reduces wind and road noise entering in to car)
• Heated and Auto Folding Mirrors
• Self Levelling Bi-Xenon head lights (with Auto High Beam – this will turn on and off high beams on the high way when it detects other cars)
• Proximity Key with Saved profiles (Car will unlock once it detects the key near the car when you pull on the door handle and depending on what key is detected, it will adjust settings: Air Con, Steering wheel position, driver’s seat position ,Mirrors, stereo and driver’s seat heat/cooling)
• Real Wood Inserts (Dash, Centre console, Doors)

All these above features, the premium feeling and something that is a little different, I highly recommend the 300c luxury petrol to anyone wanting this from a car at a good price.