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2013 Chrysler 300 C Luxury Review

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I have owned Holden, Ford, Toyota from 4cyl to performance V8,s when looking for my last new car I was looking for something big, comfortable and both powerful and economical.

I looked around and found the 2013 300c Luxury vehicle to be the best in all the above.

After a number of long haul trips interstate the 300c handles the journey with ease, for example the last trip to Melbourne from home returned fuel economy of 7.2 lpk at an average highway speed of 100kph arriving at my destination fresh, the V6 Pentastar and 8 sp trans make long distance driving effortless, but its not only highway driving that the car handles with ease, even around the city the car is a joy to drive.

The interior space and features are excellent, with the right number of gauges, but also having the option of viewing more information from the digital display, the Uconnect system is big and well appointed.

Many passengers that have been in my car have all stated that it has a limo feel to it and the performance shocks them as they thought it would be a heavy lump of iron.

On the show off side its fun to see the amount of people, from young to old, men and women taking a second look at the 300 as they walk by, not to mention the amount of Commodores and Fords that want to take the 300 on at stop lights.

My experience with Chrysler as far as servicing has been great, no problems in the 2 years that I have owned it.

This is the first imported, Chrysler I have ever owned and if they can continue to build big luxury vehicles like this it may not be the last.

One thing I would like to see in future 300c models would be a Turbo V6 option but other than that leave it, because it aint broke.