BMW X5 2013 xdrive 50i sport
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2013 BMW X5 xDrive 50i Sport review

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We had an addition in the family, so I opted for an SUV, and in this case SAV. I always wanted a BMW, so I decided to get my first BMW X5. I have driven BMWs before, as my family previously had different BMWs including an 750i, 335i M Sport, 335is convertible and an M4. I'm stating this to let the readers know that I am an experienced BMW driver.

I love my X5. The steering has nice feedback compared to newer models, but moms may find it hard compared to, let's say, a Camry. I just love the space, power, rear leg room, cargo space etc. The trunk has two doors, which I absolutely love because inside the garage it occupies less room to open in a tight space.

Cons: I find the headlights ugly compared to the F15's. Also, the fuel economy is tight on the wallet, but better than any other SUV of this size.

My son loves the panoramic sunroof. The car is never short of power. You can exceed all limits. I feel strong and happy when I drive this vehicle. I highly recommend it. I will definitely buy one again, or at least keep one in the house for the family, but next time a fuel-efficient model such as the X5 diesel or 35i only.

My family loves the vehicle and definitely wants to keep one in the house forever. I will end up changing the models only. Next time I would get a better fuel-mileage X5 for family and long trips and an M3/4/5 for myself.

BMWs are the best! I often compare them to Mercedes, Audi and Range Rover, but time and again I come back to the same brand as no manufacturer does it better than BMW. For instance, Mercedes would put in a more powerful engine to beat the BMW, but it doesn't offer the same fun for the driver.

Mercedes may offer more luxury options, but when it comes to driving, I would pick BMW any day for sure. The bottom line is: I just love the BMW X5 and so does my entire family.