Owner Review


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The first thing i noticed upon delivery is the seemingly flat black sapphire paint. The nice M Sport alloy wheels made up for it though..

Staring at it on the front, it looks awkward and smallish -- my previous E90 sedan looks better. The rear end appears uniquely BMW.

Upon entry, the seating is quite low, not like an SUV, but that's what i like. It's more comfortable than my wifey's Outlander or her previous CR-V (esp on our 3rd world roads). The quality of the Anthracite with alcantara trim seats is good. It's the stitching that's poor. The cross-hatched aluminium fails to distract attention to the sub-par black plastics.

It's upon driving that you feel it's indeed a BMW. Although steering is quite heavy, the response is good. Overall ride is just OK. It's nimble and likes to be steered along curves. The engine noise especially when the air con is on is distracting. Good thing i almost always turn the audio on.

I still have to determine its consumption, but as of now, I'm thinking... I should have gotten the Q3 instead...