BMW 5 Series 2013 35i
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2013 BMW 5 35i review

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My family and I have owned this 5 Series since 2016 and it has been garaged everyday, and washed at least once every two weeks. This car has been daily driven, and after four years I can say this has probably been the best car we have owned.

The inline 6-cylinder twin-scroll turbo M Sport BMW has adjustable suspension which affords different driving dynamics. The different modes are Comfort, Eco Pro, Sports and Sports Plus.

The BMW ConnectedDrive system is impressive. The system is connected to the head-up display when using the navigation. It also has a television streaming function which works when the car is in Park. The only negative side to the ConnectedDrive system is that it does not connect to the BMW Remote app. Newer models of the 5 Series do have this feature though.

The BMW looks amazing on the exterior when it's clean. However, there are two main parts of the car which can become dirty within 3 minutes of driving after a car wash. The first are the brakes. Brake dust is a huge problem, which BMW needs to sort out - whether it means different brake pads or something else. The second one is the rear bumper where it meets the bottom of the boot. This area collects dirt really easily, especially in the rain.

Beside the beauty of this Beemer, she is also extremely practical. My family and I use this car as a daily driver, going to work, picking up the kids from school or training and doing all the shopping. It has the ability to put the rear seats down, opening up a large amount of storage.

I am not really a fan of using run-flat rims and tyres; I would rather have a spare tyre in the rear just for safety purposes, but this 5 Series does not come with option to fit a spare tyre under the boot.

Overall, my 2013 F10 535i is an outstanding vehicle. She drives like an absolute dream and I would love to see more of these on the road, especially with the M Sport package!