Owner Review


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A big improvement over the C5 model but it has lost the "feel" of a car and is more of a mechanical computer.

Ride is superb. performance terrific, handling composed, heavy and uninspiring giving the feeling that you can never do anything wrong.

Difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces as the car is much wider than the driver can see. Top down camera does help but the image is too small.

There has ben a big improvement in the seating compared with the C5 due to the extra width and redesigned seats .

The fuel consumption readout has been reduced to one available figure which will default to zero if the car is stationary for over two hours. The C5 figures were much more useful and would give an instantaneous reading, and an average that could be reset at any time.

The C5 gave me 310,000kms with only a fuel pump replaced under warranty. Hopefully the A6 will do the same

The engine and gear box is a wonderful combination, tractable quiet and efficient. However I have been warned that the gearbox does not do too well with a heavy trailer.

Above all the ride and quiet is superb, so much so one can become detached from the road and if looking away only briefly loose any sense of what the car is doing. This also allows the car to run away from you.

The worst feature of the car is the very poorly functioning cruise control. it will allow a variation in speed of nearly 10km, enough to cop a fine!