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2013 Audi A4 1.8 TFSI Review

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The Audi A4 1.8t is a real sleeper. Build quality and materials are bullet proof and provides a comfortable, quiet driving environment.

While the 1.8t provides a flexible power source with great torque for city driving and spirited overtaking and hill climbing in the country. The turbo constantly puts a smile on your face off the line and up any incline.

I average 8ltr / 100km in the city with the usual stop start traffic and I have seen the claimed country economy numbers on runs to Canberra and Newcastle.

The CVT takes some getting used to with hill starts and reversing requiring touch. The stop start is effective in the city and provides a quick change, but you need to anticipate the lights changing if you are at the front of the que.

The system provides a slight vibration on restart, but otherwise in unobtrusive. Interior space is good for the class with comfortable seating and excellent design engineering and ergonomics.

The ride / handling balance is entertaining, providing a classical, reassuring German firmness while never becoming uncomfortable even on potholed roads.

Driving through corners the A4 sits flat and the chassis exhibits none of the classic front drive issues. The A4 offers great value for money in a mid-sized package with a beautiful understated exterior including high quality paints and trim.

My A4 has covered almost 22,000 km and has not missed a beat. The Audi service and sales experience are special and challenge your car buying expectations.