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2013 Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro Amb Review

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This top of the line A3 series model comes with 1.8 engine but it was the best compromise, not too powerful for my wife and not too weak for me.

Still it does 0 to 100 km/h under seven seconds as promised. When I retired our point was that the number of driving wheels must stay at four though we don’t need two cars any more.

Now with 13 months and 20.000 kilometers after, we are more than satisfied. Not even the slightest problem and no suggestion for service yet. The pros of this car are the superior built quality and extremely easy driving. It combines comfort and handling better than any car I have driven before, and they are many.

The driving position can be adjusted for both of us though I am almost half a meter taller than she.

On the con side is that it is a bit dull to drive. Both of us have two penalties for speeding in perfect calm. Though steering is accurate I would not mind a bit more feedback. It has options to drive either dynamically or economically but that is needless for us as the performance remains the same when one steps on the pedal.

At this age one is not fooled by stiffer steering or response with shorter pedal movement. The luggage room is smallish, a price to pay for having 4-wheel drive showing its value in snowy and slippery roads soon.

As to the next car, it will be a hybrid compact Audi Quattro with some 100 KW chargeable power from plug with additional 132 KW by fuel for the rare cases it is needed, and then doing 0 – 100 under five instead of seven seconds and environmentally more acceptable. My wife is now even more hungry than me for more power knowing that it is nothing to be afraid of.