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2012 Volvo XC70 D5 Teknik Review

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My BZ MY12 XC70 D5 was specifically ordered in white with cream leather seats and an array of options that are simply not available elsewhere... eg. Laminated glass all round.. the best cargo barrier system around. . .. I have opted for the stereo upgrade, subwoofer et al. That alone puts me in heaven...

My car is a mobile office and I regularly travel long distances.. I live in Hobart, Tasmania but am a regular on the ferry and travel frequently to Sydney, Adelaide and various rural centers inbetween. This is where this car shines like no other... it replaced a Volvo XC90 which I liked but I'm even happier in this. Also a very comfortable cruiser when the weather gets bad. Servicing costs have been minimal as I have been part of the corporate service program.

You just don't tire in one of these and everything is where it should be... instrumentation is simple and clear.

This car will fail a test drive around the block but will come alive once you live with it.

I have a special dog cage system set up as the woof travels along quite often. I think it is the easiest "dog car" to own.

The boot space is userfriendly and resists the Audi or BMW "lifestyle-wagon" mantra... I want a wagon for space... The E-class is spacious too and having spent 2 months and 8000km with my parents E350CDI 4matic (in Germany) I am surprised that I still prefer my Volvo.. again mainly for comfort! The Mercedes is a more agile and faster car; but it, even as a E250CDI, costs nearly twice as much as the Volvo over here in Australia.

The adaptive cruise option I do like; though, I like systems (like the Chryslers have them) that you can switch between adaptive and non-adaptive cruise as sometimes, due to angles, the cruise control is too keen to alter your speed. . Or, in light freeway traffic you will have to concentrate as to when you change lane as to avoid the adaptive cruise control slowing you down to match the speed of the car you wish to pass.

Overall just a great companion for long trips... one I'd happily buy again.

Regarding fuel... I have had 6.3l/100 a few times over long distances (Adelaide-Melbourne) and generally get about 8l. The car has the Polestar option.

It is a car I'd happily buy again and recommend highly.