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2012 Volvo V50 T5 Lifestyle review

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The Volvo V50 has been great, the dimensions of the vehicle have suited our needs perfectly for holiday and surf trips up and down the coast and price was spot on.

The XC90 we had before this was a lovely car but the 3.2-litre petrol engine was very heavy on fuel. We also had a XC70, which I believe was the best model made by Volvo at the time and we have had a Subaru Forester and a Toyota RAV4 in the past.

The V50's grey interior colour is slightly drab but it doesn't wear and the quality and feel is very good as is the paint quality. I feel the price point was great for the car as we are still enjoying trouble free motoring.

It came equipped with CD player, AM/FM radio, sat nav, climate control, power outlets, USB port and reversing sensors as standard, which for 2012 was well specced.

It has been used for everyday driving, mainly in the city during the week. On weekends it spends its time traveling to the beach and cruising on the highway. It handles this driving effortlessly and economically with plenty of storage space in the rear even for the Cavoodle. She loves it!

It drives well and feels very solid. The power steering is light and it has a good turning circle, which makes it a breeze to park, too. The best thing though is the fuel consumption. It averages 6.8L/100km on the highway using 95 octane. This has been most notable on our Summer trip to Coffs Harbour, which we rack up over 1400km each way, plus another 200km or so getting around the area and it performed perfectly. With several 30+ degree days in a row, we had the V50 fully loaded with surfboards, A/C blasting and four adults on board it still returned great fuel economy.

During our ownership we cannot recall an issue that would have had us worried as this car has been truly brilliant and safe in every aspect. We haven't even had to change a flat in five years!

We would highly recommended the Volvo V50 Lifestyle Wagon. It has given us safe, reliable motoring with a minimum of fuss and excellent service provided by the dealer group from whom we purchased it and our other five Volvos over the years.

It is very unfortunate that this model is no longer produced as we would definitely buy a another.