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2012 Volkswagen Up! Review

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I purchased my up! in late 2012. There is so much to love about this little VW. The 1.0 litre triple cylinder may be lacking in bottom end torque, but it is keen to rev and pulls the car along sweetly enough with a very pleasant warble from both under the bonnet and tailpipe. The interior remains tight and rattle free. I ordered my up! with the faux leather seats with pin striping, sunroof, chrome detailing, and 15 inch retro looking black lacquered rims.

It rides like a much larger car, gobbling up large road imperfections with aplomb despite it's petite dimensions. It is very eager to turn in. The steering feel is great, but it lacks the seat of your stomach thrills I was accustomed to with several Peugeot 306 models I have owned in the past. The gear shift feel is also beautiful. Very slick and quick between the gates. Fuel economy is great. Highway trips get as low as 3.8 litres per hundred clicks. No matter how hard you thrash it , it does not want to drink more than 7 litres per hundred clicks.

The standard audio system is above average. I have only had one problem with this car. A heat shield on the exhaust came loose. That was quickly remedied by the dealer. My Dad back on the farm loves this little car, and is considering buying one as his daily run around. In conclusion an amazingly talented little car that deserved more sales than it received.