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2012 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI Review
  • Performance, Quite andComfortable, Standard Equipment, Reliability, Surround View / Reversing Cameras
  • Tow Bar Design, VW Australia "Goodwill", Reliability, Not Much Else!

by Trevor Pearce

In 2011, I acquired a small business where I found a requirement for a vehicle capable of towing 3.5T. Upon researching the options available at the time, I found the VW Touareg. Here was a limousine capable of real work. There was nothing to compare with the “Tow-rag”.

V6 diesel with heaps of grunt, a smooth 8 speed auto, all- wheel drive, beautifully crafted interior, all the luxury features (auto lights and wipers, self-dimming rear view mirror, area view camera and reversing cameras – etcetera, etcetera) and I was in love!

This vehicle was like nothing I had driven before. Smooth, quiet and very comfortable with more than enough power, I delighted in every drive. The V6 diesel was / is amazingly economical whether doodling around town or out on the highway.

Towing my client’s 3.25T trailer around WA was accomplished with no dramas. Fuel consumption increased by about 75%, an acceptable amount considering the increase in work done.
One real problem concerns the optional (and EXPENSIVE) tow-bar. In order to attach the shackles to the tow-bar, I have to lie on the ground to reach the eyelets for the shackles.
A major design defect that became more annoying since we purchased a 20’ caravan. Hitching the van has become a bit of a pain.

Two interstate trips in the past 12 months covering almost 20,000Km and the Tow-rag still continues to impress with the ability to pull the 2600KG weight of the van while returning great economy in a super comfortable and quiet environment.

After more than 4.5 years and 12500Km on, and still deeply in love when suddenly….. the unthinkable! We have developed an oil “weep” which, I am advised, WILL turn into a leak. I refused to believe that the Tow-rag could do this to me. But she did!
Nasty drops on the driveway and carport, dashboard warnings telling me to “add 1 litre of oil” and I sought the assistance of my friendly VW Service Dept. (and they do a very good job by any criteria)

The problem involves open heart surgery (expensive and time consuming) at considerable expense to the Management. VW Australia were not keen on any real assistance so my pockets have been considerably lightened.

My love affair has been sorely tested, but I still love her! She is still beautiful to me!

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2012 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI Review Review
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