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Earlier this year I made the decision to part with my MY08 WRX. The first thing on my list was something with some modern technology which was sadly lacking in the WRX.

I was almost at sign-up stage on a BMW 118i when I heard the Scirocco R had been released and I just had to go and have a look.

When I walked into the showroom and saw one in Viper Green it was love at first sight and I took delivery a few weeks later.

This car is so much better than the WRX in every way – it is faster, handles better (yeah I know the MY08 is a dog), hotter looking, loads more technology (well anything is actually better than none, the WRX did not even have Bluetooth).

What I love about the Scirocco R is the drop dead gorgeous looks; the Viper Green colour; the DSG gearchanges are soooo smooth and quick, with the option of manual changes using gearstick or paddles and a sports mode; the engine sound and the gearchange ‘farts’; the technology – Bluetooth, auto wipers and lights, tyre pressure sensors; the car tells you when it needs to be serviced; touchscreen media centre, onboard computer for changing any and all settings on the car right down to how the doors unlock; the package price –

A GTI optioned to the same spec would be about the same cost without the extra power; the rarity – I have only spotted 4 in Canberra in 3 months; and particularly the build quality, this thing just oozes class.

What I don’t like is very little really - the lack of height adjustment on the front seatbelts, high servicing costs, having to use 98RON fuel with no so fantastic fuel consumption, but hey it is a sports car after all.