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2012 Volkswagen Golf GTd Review

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Purchased new in 2012 GTD AUTO now 83000km on clock great power and handling comfortable ride in most cases, not a great ride on country roads with 18 inch low profile tyres very choppy but stable. Draw back expensive service costs from vw expensive parts overall wiper blades unless you buy on ebay $ 100 plus fitting but its vw what else can you expect .

Driving mostly high way kms some city average 5 .3 litres per 100km around 950 to the tank usually leaves 5 litres in reserve very happy to fill for around $60.00 .

Road noise some from window seals in cross winds depends how windy but not always there ,big draw back tyres must to rotated every 10k being soft compound or there stuffed by 30k vw service interval 15k so have them rotated yourself and prevent bad tyre noise at 30k as happened to me with the supplied Dunlop's ,much better with continental I found no tyre sweal on hard acceleration. overall no trans problem's to date fingers crossed.

Would like to see camera fitted as standard or at least sensors can be a bit to judge space at the back while parking now. I know it has sport suspension but can be a little low at the front for shopping centre car spaces with those concrete blocks separating each space must be careful not to get front end scraping while nosing in prefer to back in and avoid the problem all together otherwise compact comfortable smallish car.