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I purchased the 103TDI for its ability to be more than it seems.

The TDI engine has changed my opinion of diesels forever. It's smooth, quiet, yet powerful heart are more than enough for this car.

The economy is impressive around town, getting between 5.5-7.5l/100. On the highway it plummets even further. The best I've got, 3.9l/100km. Typical is high 4s low 5sL/100km.

I like filling up every two and a bit weeks. The chassis suits the target buyer. It is more than capable around town and in the twisty stuff just fine.

Driving a DSG can take some getting used to after normal autos. It is a very intelligent box and can do some impressive things. It performs very well and complements this car well.

The space was the selling point for me. The wagon allows you to not borrow a mate's truck just to go to IKEA. It is exceptionally useful.

The car is well equipped with all the electronic aids you can hope for in this price range as well as air bags.

Equipment is great too, auto lights, bluetooth and bluetooth streaming, ipod connect, auto dim mirror, park assist (option). Are good value.

The interior is ok, however some plastic parts weren't clicked in properly, some protective plastic sheeting from delivery stuck between doors sills and tweeters are annoying. I was also amused at the gap between the dash and the door. It doesn't look like a good fit and is a result of the mutation of a Golf and a Jetta, which is what the Golf wagon is.

Sales and Service have been fantastic from Volkswagen, I am a happy customer.

Overall it is a great value car. Not as small as a hatch not as large as a large wagon. Just the right size and package for me.