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2012 Volkswagen Amarok TDI400 Highline (4x4) Review

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We have had our Amarok for just over 3 years now and it has 120,000km on the clock. We love the it and am now in the market for a new one. As a family of 5 we do a lot of camping, this usually involves pulling a heavy trailer over rough bush tracks or worse, super soft sand. The vehicle has constantly surprised us with the ease that it accomplishes tricky situations that have left us recovering other dual cabs.

The ride is exceptional from the front end. We have the heavy duty springs in the back so with a little weight on board the rear is good as well. The tub is massive, the rear seat has a huge amount of shoulder room and the controls all feel well placed. We have no big issues with the vehicle, hence our reason for wanting a new one.

Things can always be improved however and I would look at three areas.

1. Power: The Amarok has enough power for town or highway but a bit more would be great. In Oz with long distances to travel, often towing, a V8 or at least V6 diesel would be a nice option. Right across the range too, not just on the top line models. Trying to maintain the speed limit while towing into a headwind can more than double standard fuel figures.

2. Clearance: The Amarok is low in the front end and aftermarket kits are only good for about 25mm. This leaves little chance of getting a good lift under the front. Most other dual cab utes are capable of handing 50mm without endangering the CV joints.

3. The headlights in the MY12 are abysmal. I believe this may have been rectified but not sure.

These first two items could have the Amarok very close to sales leader in the category if not number 1. Aussies like power and like to modify their vehicles. 6-700nm (or more) would put it in the towing capacity of a 200 series cruiser at 30-40k cheaper! The vehicle has already won two 4x4 of the year awards as is.