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2012 Toyota Yaris Yrs Review

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Fuel usage is good. Ride ok. Space good. Gearbox is good and so is the 1.5ltr engine.

The boot can hold a good side suit case and the seats being able to be put down or split is a good thing.
Engine runs well around city and also at 100kmph.
cruise control is a great feature.
Safety is good in this car. Colouring is a bit out there.
Having bought the Sport model there isn't anything sport about it. Generally extra body trim, sporty dash, alloy wheels or fog lamps..maybe a 6 speed gear box or even a slightly bigger motor or turbo? But its the same car as the base model but has chrome trip, leather steering wheel and a audio touch screen.

The bad points.
Lacks fog lights. Feature other cars have for this year.
no GPS add on for $1,300 for a basic TomTom.
Has no mobile phone buttons on steering wheel. So to answer the phone you have to press a small green button to answer. This isn't safe or legal as its supposed to be basically hands free and the internal Mic is very average.

The Voice Command is terrible and you have to press a button to switch station. Why bother. just select the station yourself. So Voice command has no added benefit.
no alloys, no direct injection, no 6 speed gearbox. but to be honest the ratio is done well with 5.
The internal plastics are a bit cheap. Steering wheel badly designed as hands touch plastics and pain wears off within first 6-10 months. they will replace a part once but if the a part fails again (even if poor quality/design) they won't help you. Toyota 2nd hand. But wouldn't buy new again.