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I've just driven a GX Prado 5 door (guys it's a 4 door, no one enters the seating compartment through the boot!) and did 4000kms over 3 weeks. It was only 22,000kms old and in good condition.

The power of the 3.0L diesel is good and I was surprised at the great fuel economy.

The down side - many -

The front guards are flared upwards and you can't see the centre white line, when you look backwards in the side mirror you are still 0.5m inside the white line.

The boot storage space is bad given that this SUV is really a large wagon. Three suitcases stored upright filled the luggage compartment. There was no cargo barrier so the carrying capacity was limited to below seat height.

The back seat tops are lethal in an accident. Due to the height of the seat back, it is necessary to raise the head rest for it to function as a safety device. When you do this, the seat back top is exposed and presses into the 2nd or 3rd knuckle of your spine. It isn't possible to sit back in the seat and have your head up against the head rest due to the pressure on your spine. I'm 5'9" so my height isn't an issue in this review component.

Not once could I get into the driver's seat without banging my knee on the dashboard where it intersects with the driver's door. I drive with the seat as far back as possible and with the seat height very low, and as my left leg easily fitted under the steering wheel then there is an issue with design of the lower dash.

The transmission had an interesting habit of jumping into 1st after being at rest at a stop. The whole car jumped it was so noticeable.

Given that it was a mining level vehicle, a GX, then the shortcomings in the radio, speedometer, airconditioning etc are all acceptable. If you must buy at least the GLX.