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2012 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

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Bought one of the last old models in August 2012 as a run around three years and 80,000kms later has to be one of the best cars I have ever owned.

Performance from the 1.8 VVT engine is brisk with excellent performance kicking in from 2500 to 4500 rpm .Economy is a welcome surprise, to date Ihave averaged 6.5l per 100km a mixture of rural and metro driving with the occasion free way trip to Brisbane.

I can only describe the handling as excellent, the lower wider profile tyres bite in when accelerating out of bends, very stable under braking and the OE Dunlop Sport tyres are well matched for the car affording excellent grip and equally excellent water dispersal.

Steering is weighted well direct with good feel of the road the sport version has a thicker steering wheel which is a joy hold with cruise, phone and audio controls within way reach. The handling is superb slightly harder ride on the lower profile tyres compared to my sons base model, but a joy to drive around town, on the highway and especially cross country.

My only gripe is the manual gearbox , it does not like to hurried through quich changes slightly taking the edge off the sporty connotations
Last year I set off from the Sunshine Coast on a Wednesday morning to drive to Melbourne , arriving back late Friday night.

I am above average height and have always found a comfortable driving position in the Corolla , never thought I would find that comfort in a small car.

Ticks all my boxes for connectivity, Bluetooth connects my iPhone6 immediately voice control works well single disc cd radio reproduces good sound, unlike many cars I have owned, throughout the whole frequently range, as a musician I appreciate the balance. A five star safety rating completes the well rounded competent build of the car.

Minor controls work well, rotary manual air con is a dream, don't know how Toyota do it but all there models seem to have good aircon that cools the interior quickly on those hot Queensland summer days. I have previously owned a LC 100 Sahara TD from new, SR5 hilux, and currently a 2015 Prado.

Adjustable head lights are good for a small car with good spread car on dipped and more than adequate high beam whilst the spoiler mounted fog lamps give good close proximity when required on those misty mornings.

This is a very inexpensive car to run, fixed price serving for 60,000 kms combined with the excellent fuel consumption mentioned earlier underpinned by the legendary Toyota reliability make this a superb buy, both new and now as used car. My local Toyota dealer in Noosa provides a service second to none, transparent pricing good workmanship a genuine family run business with customers interests coming first.

Overall no expense other than renewing the original Dunlop tyres at 70,000km and routeen serving every 6 months or 10,000 km.

would I buy another? We'll definitely yes, the new shape has finally grown on me, for an everyday car this can anything and everything a car costing twice the price can do, combined with low running costs and Toyota reliability it's a no brainer!