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2012 Toyota Camry Altise review

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Since acquiring my Camry in January 2013, I have been most pleased with the consistent reliability (battery and tyres included). The service intervals carried out at the price set by Toyota and the local dealer services have been carried out to high standard.

The transmission has just had an independent service and the health there is fantastic. The result of a recent 1700km trip is testament to this, the transmission giving seamless responsive power change on the highways and off the slightly beaten track.

Another point I would like to make is that the slightly more expensive 98 RON fuel is worth the extra coin over the life of my 2.5-litre engine if driven sensibly.

The suspension is average, given that it is entry level model.

Cargo is space is outstanding for its class, giving ample room for passengers as well. In the car market this car is considered a plain vanilla model which I feel is undeserved.

Fuel economy around town is okay but out on the open road is another story. It raises the bar again on the motorway, showing ultra low figures on the trip computer. My average is 8L/100km on the combined cycle and down to just below 7L/100km on highway/motorway cruising.

Using a quality automotive polish is a must. The protection afforded to mass produced paint is quite phenomenal, lending it a depth of sheen and making the car look more expensive than it actually is.

I struggle to find anything that I would consider disappointing. Maybe the upholstery materials could merit more thought and the plastics could be given a rejuvenation.