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I purchased a Toyota Aurion Prodigy, a mechanic friend telling me 'Toyotas are renowned for reliability'. Well Toyotas a few years ago maybe. But not today.

The Aurion I bought ... my first ever Toyota has been nothing but trouble. All the colour started wearing off the interior leather trim on steering wheel, gear shift knob and door trim ... and they would not replace on warranty.

The road noise considering they have access to Lexus technology is horrendous, even the Prado 4wd has sound deadening under the wheel arches. Not the Aurion. Had to buy luxury tyres to even make it bearable.

It had to have the intermediate steering arm replaced (faulty at manufacture) as well as a recall on the oil hose. Not to mention the auto idler tensioner, water pump and alternator pulley just cost me $1700 to replace.

I love the engine, but Toyota is not what it used to be. I will never ever, because of their failure to replace trim under warranty, never ever buy a Toyota again...

Holden I am coming back home...