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Not long after the current generation Aurion came on the market Toyota introduced a 0% finance offer on all Australian made Toyotas.

I owned a 2008 Toyota Aurion at the time and went to the dealer just to have a look at the new model thinking it wouldn't be much different to my previous generation model, and to tell the truth I couldn't have been more wrong.

One of the first things that stood out was the difference in build quality and how much it had improved from the previous model, but it wasn't just that there was more than just improvements in quality there was improvements in luxury, luxury that just reminded me of a Lexus.

You could really see how Toyota was taking things they had learnt, used and proven in Lexus vehicles and passing them down to their more mainstream models and this is what pretty much sold me the car.

Its now 40,000kms and year and half later and I am still loving every moment of driving this car.

The 3.5l V6 has 200kw of power and there is only one way of describing the engines power delivery and performance, and that is STEALTHY.

You almost forget that its available to you as its just such a smooth engine during your everyday driving but if you really want to give it a push its more than happy to rev to red line, but be ready for some classic front wheel drive wheel spin and maybe a new set of tyres.

The ride of the car is on the firm side of things when it comes to an Australian made car but I will say I have never been uncomfortable.

The engine and transmission are of course a proven match with the same team available in at least 4 Toyota models and 2 Lexus models.

On the freeway at the 100kph limit it leaves the 3.5 V6 revving at an extremely comfortable 1700RPM and I have seen freeway fuel consumption as low as 6.8l/100km on a run from Melbourne to Philip Island, but this figure still doesn't change the over protective fuel light that comes on with over 15l in the tank.

There is two things I love and one thing I dislike about the transmission.
I love the engine break like experience when your foot is fully off the accelerator with the car lightly slowing its self down as well as the gradient control, holding gears while going up hill and changing to a lower gear to slow you on steep descents.

The one dislike I have about the transmission is very occasionally it will have a moment of rough gear changes usually when the transmission is cold but goes away again once it has warmed up.

My favourite features in this car are the bluetooth connectivity allowing me to play my music and make phones calls all from the controls on the wheel, its a great system that is very simple to use. With the other stand out features being a wonderful keyless entry with push button start system and the very convenient rear window sunshade for the 35c+ days.

Toyota should really think about make GPS standard on every model, that is really the only feature I would like to add to my Aurion.

Toyotas capped priced servicing really makes a difference when it comes to that time of the year and the loan car offered by the dealer really takes the stress out of having the Aurion serviced.

As I said this is my second Aurion and its proving to be a great choice in car, and is still giving me a cheeky grin every time I push the start button.
With a year and half and 40,000kms under the belt I am really looking forward to the next 40,000kms.