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2012 Subaru Liberty EXIGA Premium Review

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This car was bought for utility not pleasure. At $33,000 it was a heavily discounted dealer demo. It has averaged 10L/100km. The seats are comfortable and can be configured to carry many different load types. For example 3 kids in the back plus surfboards. How split fold the second seat for two kids to sit in and put the third kid in the third row behind them.

We have now done over 35,000kms and not one fault despite only being serviced to warranty standard at Midas.

There is no point having an absurdly powerful luxury SUV. Kids vomit at the hint of spirited driving or just vomit randomly (we carry a bucket on long trips). The engine is powerful enough to hug the outside lane going up the Bulli pass out of Wollongong at the speed limit whilst fully laden.

Handling is excellent in the wet, off-road or snow. Key to the handling is that the car is very light and small. Everything works to the level expected of this price point.

The third row has excellent vision and has accommodated two adults on 100km trips with no complaints.

The only gripe I have is my inability to play Spotify or iTunes from my iPhone.

So you have reached middle age admit defeat and pick one of these up second hand as a very good 7 person mover. Subaru's inability to sell a very sensible product was yet again a tribute to the superior marketing of larger luxury SUVs. That said, you will be able to buy the turbo version direct from Japan brand new in 2018 when Australia's ridiculous car importation rules are relaxed.