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Being 60+ we sold our '10 Forester XT Premium privately for something smaller and in a SUV/Hatch style. With a disability I have a left foot accelerator modification in conjunction with the original for when the wife drives.

We checked out the Mazda 3 and 6, Honda Euro and Civic, Mitz ASX and as a throw-in the Suzuki Kizashi. The wife saw an advert and suggested we look at the XV.

After a test that was the end of searching for her so I agreed. No power machine but quite suitable and responsive for a 2.0L boxer. We took delivery a week ago of an XV Sport at around $40k. She is totally confident in the car and loves the size and drive. It has heaps of bells and whistles but less than the XT that we didn't use. Then I'm not spending $50k either.

When we first drive, the CVT lurches but only for a few minutes till warm. On this standard of vehicle Subaru needs to have a day night mirror. Other than XT all our others had auto dim mirrors. By choice I bought one from the States for the XT - now it's in the XV. Secondly I detest plastic moulding - it's now crystal black pearl.

Would highly recommend a look and drive of the vehicle if looking for a mid range SUV.