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2012 SKODA YETI 103 TDI Review

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We ordered a CX5 Mazda, however did not like the way Mazda was handling the issue of the diesel engines making oil, the stop start/battery discharge problems when using in city traffic and some aspects of the ride.

The Yeti was our next choice and after 45,000 kilometres in eighteen months, we are simply delighted with our choice. Our Yeti has the 103TDI engine, six speed DSG transmission, four wheel drive, leather trim, sat navigation, forward and rear parking sensors etc.

Skoda's motto "simply clever" is a very true statement - they are well built and have many great features such as:- auto wipers, passing flasher feature, cruise control at your fingertip, adjustable lights, tie downs in the cargo area, fully protected under body with smart guards and panelling, flexible seating which can be changed in minutes and much more.

Running costs are excellent, fuel cost is around $10.00 per 100 kilometres. The ride, driving, brakes, road holding etc are the best we have ever experienced - we think matching the best Europe can provide; the Yeti is truly a joy to drive. Tyres are 30% worn at 45,000 klm and we have not experienced any mechanical issues.

The Skoda servicing agents provide excellent servicing at reasonable cost, especially when servicing is at 15,000 klm intervals. We are converted Skoda buyers - there is no better value for money, economy and fun factor available in Australia. The only issues are the same as all European cars - indicators on the left - bonnet latching mechanism on the passenger's side. When my wife and I change cars regularly, Prado to Yeti - there are times when windscreen washers instead of indicators work etc. However, one gets used to these anomalies.